Capital Campaign

More than 35 years ago, seven friends, farmers, landowners and community leaders concerned about our vanishing landscape planted the seeds and created the South Kingstown Land Trust. Since then, SKLT has established deep roots, working with community members and partner organizations to protect almost 3,000 acres of farm, forest, field, wetland and cultural landscapes. Every precious property is unique in its size, features, uses, and stewardship needs. Together, their web of hay fields, stone walls, oak trees, trails, swamps, and habitat for butterflies, birds and other wildlife create a “sense of place” that we have pledged to protect now and forever. This is a charge we wholeheartedly embrace.

After careful research, thought and planning, SKLT launches our Build Now Protect Forever campaign to raise $1 million to help strengthen our operational flexibility and stewardship capacity. Your generous contribution will help us build a new facility at Weeden Farm, which will house our equipment and staff together and allow us to more fully serve and engage our community. Your gift will also bolster our Stewardship Fund for the long-term care and legal protection of our lands.

I hope you will join me and every member of the Land Trust Board of Directors and Staff in contributing to this campaign. Your gift will allow SKLT to build now in order to protect forever!

Thank you,

Martha Day, Chairperson


Build an equipment shed to store and maintain farm and land stewardship equipment.
Currently SKLT’s maintenance equipment is scattered throughout South Kingstown in the sheds of neighbors and friends. We seek to create efficiencies and equipment sharing opportunities for young farmers and expand our volunteer training and field education programs.

Augment the Stewardship Fund, the financial resource that funds the perpetual management, legal defense and preservation of properties protected by SKLT.
In addition to the daily and seasonal care required for the stewardship of each SKLT protected property, monitoring and legal protection are significant concerns and fiscal responsibilities. While not glamorous and often overlooked, insurance and legal defense are core responsibilities ensuring that land protected by SKLT will in fact be protected in perpetuity. Building this fund will provide long term protection.

Construct a modest administrative building adjacent to the proposed equipment shed.
All SKLT staff needs to be under the same roof and on the same site. We need to provide hands on training for our volunteers and fully engage and educate our community. With a majority part-time staff and multiple locations, synergies are lost, and redundancies are frequent. A central ADA compliant location for staff, equipment and programs will provide the base needed to Protect Forever.