Organic Farmers Take Note!

SKLT is offering a lease opportunity on a 10-acre portion of the former Hollis Tucker farm on Tuckertown Road for a potential organic farming or gardening operation. The lease area is located on the north side of Tuckertown Road, a half a mile west of the corner of Post Road and Tuckertown Road – denoted as Parcel II on the map. Because SKLT acquired the property in 1996 to protect the aquifer supplying drinking water to Wakefield and the surrounding area, we do not allow pesticides.

The land is entirely cleared, and until recently, was rented by Greenview Farm, which still leases other land on the site. The soil is flat to gently rolling and is USDA classified as Enfield Silt Loam 60% and Hinckley 40%. Adjacent areas are being used for organic farming and American chestnut tree research orchards. Water service is available along the street frontage.

Conservation easements covering the property allow agricultural and conservation uses, installation of fencing, cutting and removal of invasive plants, installation of agricultural irrigation facilities and moveable equipment shed.  If interested, please contact SKLT Land Management Director Clarkson Collins at 401-783-4999 or