The mission of the South Kingstown Land Trust is to conserve and protect the natural resources and open spaces of our town for the enduring benefit of our community. South Kingstown Land Trust may preserve, in perpetuity, properties of cultural and historical significance which have given our community a sense of place and have conservation and educational value.


We envision the following future for South Kingstown:  That farms, forests, streams, and wetlands will be permanently protected and will provide scenic vistas, wildlife habitat, clean water, clean air, and recreational opportunities and will enhance the quality of life of present and future generations of South Kingstown residents and visitors.

South Kingstown Land Trust will work in partnership with public agencies, private organizations, and individuals to protect the natural resources that maintain a sense of place that is South Kingstown.  SKLT will act to benefit public rather than private interests.  SKLT will continue to provide a long-range vision of land conservation in the region. SKLT will provide information on private voluntary land conservation for landowners, local officials, and the public. SKLT will be a financially stable organization with an active and engaged board, volunteers, and staff.


As adopted by its Board of Trustees in 2023, South Kingstown Land Trust has set forth the following goals for the organization:

Goal 1: Protect significant natural, agricultural, and cultural landscapes.

Goal 2: Steward the land we protect in perpetuity.

Goal 3: Grow and manage current funds and assets for current and future needs.

Goal 4: Foster effective board, staff, and volunteer involvement for the productive operation of our organization.

Goal 5: Raise awareness of the importance of land and cultural landscape conservation and preservation.

Goal 6: Maintain accreditation by the Land Trust Accreditation Commission.