Trail Maps

Biscuit City Preserve

Biscuit City Preserve is an historically significant site to the Town of South Kingstown. The area dates back to when Native Americans and colonists used it for a water source due to the natural spring that is located on the site. Also there are many historic ruins which include the mill foundation, the water wheel pit, the cellar hole to the miller’s house, and a root cellar. The old spring house has been newly rennovated for safety reasons. Download Trail Map


Browning Woods Trail

The well-marked 2.5 mile Browning Woods Trail passes over a swamp and intermittent stream, before ascending through wooded uplands. Download Trail Map


Crawley Preserve

Crawley Preserve hosts three well marked and well maintained trails on 99 acres straddling two towns: Richmond and South Kingstown, with most of the property (84.2 acres) in Richmond. The Preserve was acquired in 2003 as a joint project of the Richmond Rural Land Conservation Trust and SKLT, and funded by the Town of South Kingstown and The Nature Conservancy. The trails pass though upland forest of beech, oak and the occasional white pine. Download Trail Map


DuVal Trail

The 2.4 mile DuVal Trail crosses numerous parcels protected by SKLT and RIDEM. This trail features the hill and kettle topography of a terminal moraine left by the retreating glaciers of the last ice age. Visitors enjoy a sweeping view of the ocean and Block Island to the south from a scenic overlook. Polly’s Rock Loop passes through dramatic hills and vales to the west of the original entry trail. Download Trail Map


Sculpture Trail

The Sculpture Trail occupies about three upland acres of an otherwise wet and forested 22-acre parcel of protected land. The flat and easy trail takes the visitor by 23 installations created from a variety of materials. This project was the brainchild of longtime supporters Troy West and Claudia Flynn. SKLT thanks them for their inspiration and hard work. Download Trail Map


Thewlis Trail

This 0.8 mile hiking trail features stands of eastern white pine, scarlet oak, and beech. Turkey, coyote, fisher, and many other animals find food and shelter on this property, located near the center of Wakefield. Download Trail Map


Weeden Trail

Located on a glacial outwash plain, this easy-to-walk 1.2 mile trail features pastoral views of stone walls and fields actively cultivated for hay and corn. Visitors also may enjoy views of fields managed for wildlife habitat and a large grove of larch trees. A new guided walking tour of the local geology and restored stone walls is available at the parking lot.
Download Trail Map.
Download Stone Wall Geology Tour at Weeden Farm Pamphlet.


Yawgoo Trail

The 1.26 mile Yawgoo Pond Trail takes the hiker by a kettle hole bog, over Mud Brook, and through a grove of stately white pine trees. Yawgoo Trail is also noted for its thick under-story of mountain laurel, especially near the steep banks of the kettle hole, and spectacular views of pristine Yawgoo Pond. Download Trail Map