In Rhode Island, stone walls are an integral part of the history of our landscape and land use. They represent an enduring aspect of our identity and heritage.  When the colonists first arrived in our area, they were pleased to find rich, dark earth and plenty of old-growth timber, but they were not so pleased to find the massive number of rocks underneath. Farmers had to remove these rocks from their fields each year, and they usually brought them to the fence line and created the dry- stack stone walls that characterize our region. If you’ve ever seen the size and shape of the rocks in the walls, then you know these walls took hard work to build.

South Kingstown Land Trust is fortunate to have countless stone walls on our protected properties. Many have literally fallen into disrepair, and our stewardship staff has put special effort into restoring selected walls to their original beauty.

Become a rock star! Join other volunteers and help restore these historic stone walls working with SKLT stewardship staff. Our crew typically works Tuesday and Thursday mornings, 9am to noon, during the summer through mid-fall, weather permitting. All are welcome, ages 16 and up. A variety of tasks and skills is needed.  For details, contact us and check with Clark or Michael on our Stewardship staff.