2015 Land Trust Days, coordinated by the Rhode Island Land Trust Council, will be held at sites across the state from August 8 through October 14, with a special kick-off “Blue Moon Celebration” at the SKLT’s Weeden Farm on Friday July 31 at7:00 p.m. “Discover Your True Nature” by getting outside to enjoy the state’s special green open spaces during Land Trust Days. The South Kingstown celebration features a full Blue Moon walk, (a Blue Moon” is the infrequent second full moon of the month) and a bonfire. Loren Spears, executive director of Tomaquag Museum, will talk about the importance of the moon and the night sky to Native Americans. During the walk around the farm, the land trust’s resident geologist will help participants identify different rocks in the farm’s beautiful stone walls. Participants will have an opportunity to use telescope, which will be placed throughout the fields. Please register for this event:  email jane.baumann@sklt.org or call 401-789-0962.