A Note from SKLT’s Newest EverGreen Members – Kevin and MaryLee McDonough

Kevin and MaryLee McDonough

Kevin and MaryLee McDonough

Our family’s decision to become EverGreen members by including the South Kingstown Land Trust in our will is a natural extension of our commitment to the Trust while on this side of the grass.

In 1998 we organized a coalition of neighbors to preserve Ward’s pasture in Green Hill by purchasing the meadows and donating them to the SKLT in order to prevent development and preserve in perpetuity what Samuel Ward once cherished. This model of preservation has been replicated by others saving more of the rural character of our town including Bayfield Farm. It was also the impetus that landed Kevin as a trustee on the board of SKLT from where he has broadened his conservation passion to include being a board member and past President of the Rhode Island Land Trust Council and the Vice President of the Rocky Point Foundation, instrumental in protecting the former Rocky Point amusement park from becoming condominiums and instead adding it as a jewel in the State’s vision for the Narragansett Bay Park system.

Kevin’s son while in high school in the 90’s volunteered to design and implement the Land Trust’s first web site which has stood the test of time to only now be replaced this year with a redesigned version.

We plan to continue to support the Land Trust while alive yet there is solace in knowing that even after we depart this world our EverGreen commitment will live on to further the mission of the SKLT for our children and grand-children.