SKLT has launched a membership drive to increase our ranks to 1,000 members.  Outside the door at 227 Robinson Street, we have placed a tree showing the current membership of the organization at just over 800 members/families.  Everyone is invited to come into the office and sign on, and as new members are added, new leaves will be placed on the tree to indicate our growing membership.  Just recently, we’ve added more leaves representing 20 more members.

Over the past 31 years, SKLT has preserved more than 2,600 acres of land in South Kingstown, all of which must be cared for in perpetuity.  SKLT’s mission “to conserve and protect the natural resources and open spaces of our town for the enduring benefit of our community” requires commitment from our members, board, staff, and people in the community who care about preserving South Kingstown for generations to come.

If each of you, our members, brings in one new member, we will meet our goal in no time.  Please help us by asking a friend, neighbor or someone you think might be interested in our work to join.  Thank you for doing your part in our membership drive.  Check the board outside the office to see how we are doing!