(3:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.)

Flock to the Barn to celebrate SKLT’s progress and recognize outstanding volunteer contributions!

Afterwards, you’ll enjoy a fascinating presentation by wildlife ecologist Dr. Laken Ganoe…

Fisher Fiesta: Findings from the RI Fisher Study

Following her intro lecture on fishers in 2022, wildlife ecologist Dr. Laken Ganoe returns for part two where she will discuss her findings related to the state-wide fisher study conducted in collaboration with URI and RIDEM.

You’ll learn where our furry fisher friends live across the state, what habitats they like to live in, how the population is doing, and see some fun photos captured during the project. But wait… fishers are not the only critter that will be covered! Dr. Ganoe will also talk a bit about our bobcat, fox, and coyote neighbors including where they have been found across the state and how their populations are doing from 2019-2023. She is very excited to share the results of her work with the SKLT community, as this work would not have been nearly as successful without the support of conservation partners!

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