American Chestnut Restoration Efforts

Members and friends of South Kingstown Land Trust were invited to attend the 14th Annual Meeting of the MA/RI chapter of The American Chestnut Foundation. The event took place here in South Kingstown on Saturday, November 16th, at the SKLT Barn.  Presentations included: “Chestnut 101: A Quick Start Guide to Chestnut Restoration,” “National Meeting Update,” and “MA/RI & NE Chapter Updates.”

The keynote speaker Dr. Leila Pinchot, TACF’s former NE Regional Coordinator, presented “Forest Planting and Reintroduction of the Chestnut.”  Attendees enjoyed a delicious chestnut potluck luncheon, and following the program, a trip to SKLT’s chestnut seed orchard.

See the video “A Chestnut Story” featured on our homepage to learn more about how SKLT has been participating in ongoing research in support of the American chestnut.

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