Monitoring Day – Sunday March 29th

Here we go for 2015! On Sunday, March 29 at 1pm we will meet at the Barn to monitor all the properties of the land trust. There are 154 of them now, and we hope to get them all done that day. If you have never monitored, come out and give it a try. It is your chance to see one or more of our protected lands that you might never have seen before. If you are an old pro, we need you once again. This is always a great day and one that can involve your entire family. Can you remember monitoring day last year? The rain came down in torrents and frantic phone calls went back and forth here at the land trust – cancel or not? Too much preparation had gone into planning for the day, so ultimately SKLT did not cancel! And to our great delight and surprise, everyone showed up. Although we already knew we had the best volunteers anywhere, here again was confirmation of that fact. Many of you dressed for the weather and plunged ahead. Others took their property folders home and waited for better weather. Eventually, all the folders came back and another successful year was in the record books. The staff always makes dinner for our monitors, and they are already trying to decide the menu for the day. If the weather cooperates, there will be a bonfire after dinner to end the festivities. It is SKLT’s way of thanking you for all your help that day. For the folks who know which properties they want to monitor, the earlier you let us know the better. If for some reason you can’t make it on monitoring day, you can pick up your folders early and return them as soon as you have completed your work. For first-time monitors, we will hold a brief lesson on what to do and try to team you up with more experienced folks. Please register at or call 789-0962 x1.

Monitoring Day 2014 – Joanne Riccitelli

monitorin day 2014