One of the most exciting Land Management developments of this past year has been the extension of the DuVal trail system onto the recently received Jones Camp lands to the west of the Polly’s Loop trail. Mike Bontecou, our Land Management Coordinator, has been using his connoisseur’s appreciation and fine touch with brush clearing machinery, with computerized assistance from Doug McGovern, to create a spellbinding, adventurous walk through the tumbling terrain of Perryville’s glacial recessional moraine. The pathway through the hills is, if anything, even more striking than the existing trail, and leads through a forest of white oak, hickory, and mature white pine with a blueberry and huckleberry understory, to the shores of Bullhead Pond, a kettle pond.

SKLT invites its members to inaugurate the trail at a walk on Saturday, November 30th at 2pm. We are grateful for the bequest of these 44 acres from the estate of Virginia Jones, whose love of the quiet beauty of this area moved her to protect it in perpetuity.