Find Out the Mysteries of the Fisher(cat)!

Fishers & Other Critters with Laken Ganoe Currently being rescheduled to late March/early April. Stay tuned! (6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.) Fishers are among the most misunderstood and maligned creatures of all native wildlife in Rhode Island. Learn why this is the case from Laken Ganoe, a PhD student in the Applied Quantitative Ecology at… Read more »

Sophia Boardman Earns Girl Scout’s Gold Award for Creating Geocaching at SKLT Trails

Sophia Boardman has earned Girl Scout’s prestigious Gold Award for creating geocaching trail activities within the South Kingstown Land Trust (SKLT) properties.  The Gold Award is the highest achievement award a Scout can earn recognizing those individuals who have completed extraordinary community service and made a lasting change in the world.  Award winners serve as… Read more »

SKLT to Host Pro-Forestation Presentation on Nov 10!

What is proforestation? Susan A. Masino, Professor of Applied Science at Trinity College, will explain the importance of “proforestation” – growing existing natural forests – in addressing the accelerating global crises in climate and biodiversity. You will learn how proforestation is a more rapid, powerful, and practical option for sequestering carbon than afforestation (planting trees)… Read more »

SKLT to Host Falconer Jim Gwiazdzinski on Oct 26!

Flock to the SKLT Barn to learn about the ancient art of falconry from Rhode Island master falconer Jim Gwiazdzinski. You’ll learn what falconers do and how to become a master falconer before getting the unique opportunity of viewing one of these beautiful birds of prey up close. Falconry in Rhode Island with Jim Gwiazdzinski… Read more »