SKLT Earns National Recognition with Renewed Accreditation

The South Kingstown Land Trust (SKLT) was recently awarded renewed accreditation by the Land Trust Accreditation Commission (LTAC), an independent program of the Land Trust Alliance, a national land conservation organization that represents more than 1,000 land trusts nationwide.

Accreditation by the LTAC is a mark of distinction, proving that SKLT is committed to professional excellence and maintaining the community’s trust in its conservation work. The land trust’s new term of accreditation runs through August 2026.

“Renewing our accreditation shows SKLT’s ongoing commitment to permanent land conservation in South Kingstown,” said Julia Landstreet, executive director. “We are a stronger organization than ever for having gone through the rigorous accreditation renewal process. Our strength means our community’s beautiful open spaces will be protected forever, making South Kingstown an even greater place for us and our children.”

“SKLT has made an extraordinary commitment to excellence, trust, and permanence in land conservation. The Commission especially recognizes SKLT for its successful capital campaign to grow its stewardship fund and build two buildings,” reads the Land Trust Accreditation Commission’s summary of findings.

“It is exciting to recognize South Kingstown Land Trust’s continued commitment to national standards by renewing this national mark of distinction,” said Melissa Kalvestrand, executive director of the Commission.

South Kingstown Land Trust is one of the elite 450 accredited land trusts. While there are a total of 1,363 land trusts across the United States according to the Land Trust Alliance’s most recent National Land Trust Census, accredited land trusts are responsible for the care and stewardship of 79% of all protected lands.  A complete list of accredited land trusts and more information about the process and benefits can be found at