Jim and Susie Bowers have been working steadily since 2004 to protect their farm, the Robinson Farm. They first donated to SKLT an easement on 3.6 acres. Then they sold the development rights on 57 acres, which we were able to purchase with grants from the USDA NRCS and the Town of South Kingstown. In 2013, the Bowers donated the underlying fee interest on 45 acres to SKLT, and at the end of 2016, they donated the fee title on another 10.5 acres. Throughout this period, the farm has been actively growing hay and pasturing beef cows, and now, SKLT leases the land back to the farmer who has worked it for years.

When landowners love their land, usually they want to take care of it themselves, for as long as they can. At some point, though, many decide to turn over stewardship of their land to an organization that can protect the land in perpetuity. SKLT will forever protect the Robinson Farm; Jim and Susie can depend on that. SKLT thanks them for their gift and their vision.