Natural history author Todd McLeish will introduce the remarkable lives of the rarest and most endangered wildlife in New England, from birds and beetles to whales and plants. He will take his audience along on an entertaining first-person journey as he tracks basking sharks, collects biopsy samples from humpback whales, investigates the nesting burrows of elusive seabirds, and observes the metamorphosis of rare dragonflies. His talk is based on two of his books, which will be available for purchase and signing following his presentation.

SKLT is excited to have Todd present for us again – his talks are always really interesting and fun! The program will happen on Thursday February 18th, with dessert/fruit/cheese potluck at 6:30pm and program beginning at 7pm. $5 donation requested.

A Passion for the Natural World: Rhode Island-based writer Todd McLeish has been writing about wildlife and environmental issues for more than 20 years. While earning degrees in communications at Ithaca College and Emerson College, he developed a passion for wildlife, natural history and environmental protection. Rather than pursue a biology degree, he immersed himself in the natural world by volunteering to help biologists with their wildlife research and write about these experiences.

In more than 100 magazine and newspaper articles, he has examined the return of wild fishers to southern New England, the impact of gulls on offshore islands, and an effort to census dragonflies in Rhode Island. He has written dozens of essays about backyard wildlife, profiled biologists and wildlife artists, and highlighted numerous threatened species, from piping plovers and ruffed grouse to northern blazing star and American burying beetle. Todd also works as a science writer and publicist for the University of Rhode Island. Narwhals: Artic Whales in a Melting World is Todd’s third natural history book.

Todd is an expert birder, a popular leader of natural history walks, an in-demand public speaker about endangered species, and a former world joggling champion (juggling while jogging).