As summer turned to fall in 2021, SKLT staff and Biscuit City neighbors discovered a young male beaver had surprisingly chosen Biscuit City’s small pond as it’s home!

Staff was able to meet with the state biologist and come up with viable next steps for co-existing with a beaver who sought to build his future in a suburban neighborhood. Repairs were made to the trail where the pond overflowed and with generous donor support, we were able to install water flow devices to allow water to flow downstream while tricking the beaver into thinking his dam is still working.

See a video of the beaver hard at work below:

Thank you to SKLT boardmember Elise Torello for the amazing wildlife videos!

Since the “beaver deceiver” is now in place, SKLT asks that volunteers no longer clear the pond’s middle sluiceway without SKLT approval. With the middle sluiceway being cleared on a regular basis, the beaver will chew and cut down more vegetation to try to block it. But if it remains dammed up, we believe the beaver will focus his attention on a food cache instead.

You will also notice we have installed wire mesh at the base of some trees as protection from the beaver.

Stay tuned for more updates and please maintain a respectful distance when visiting the beaver at Biscuit City pond.